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การว่ายน้ำ = swimming
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Crossword Puzzles for ESL
Air4Thai : Bangkae district air quality
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First day of school will be November 1st, 2021 as On-site permit has arrived
First day of school year will be June 14th, 2021 via long distance learning
Special rate when applying for new academic year 2021
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Online classroom during COVID 19 pandamic

The school will provide online learning during COVID 19 pandamic. Parents have two options, to join or not to join this e-learning, which is only for students enrolled. The link to join online learnin ...
The school verified for COVID 19 measures by department of health, ministry of public health

The School received a certificate verifying that the school has practised all 44 standards of COVID-19 preventive measures of the department of health, ministry of public health. ...
Self Assessment Report

Because of the COVID-19 pandamic, the 4th round of external quality assurance inspection for our school have been  postponed to an unknown date. However, the school has continued to maintain a go ...
Online and on hand learning in January 2021

Due to COVID-19 situation, the Ministry of Education orders all schools in Bangkok to teach remotely. Teachers will contact parents to practise joining online class on 5 January and begin online learn ...
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Accepting new students
How to join in online classsroom during COVID 19
Accepting new students now
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